To Write a Book

I have been on this publishing journey since 2011 when I published my first short story. Little did I know that one short story would spark flame that couldn’t be put out. Now six years later I’m in the process of self publishing my first book.

I never intended on self publishing, but now after years of writing, querying, and just learning the publishing world I think I’m ready. I’m glad I made the choice. I’m loving every moment of this process.

I hired and editor who is challenging me, asking me hard questions about my book, and just plain making me a better writer.

I hired a cover artist who is incredible. She took the picture in my head and helped my main character come to life.

If all goes well I hope to have Tribe published later this spring/early summer. Don’t worry I’ll keep everyone up to date!

To everyone who said keep going, you can do this, don’t stop writing. Thank you.



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